Active Parenting 4th Edition Program Kit: Ages 5-12

Valuable skills to bring back the joy of parenting ages 5-12

Active Parenting 4th Edition (AP4) contains the essential Active Parenting model that has benefited millions of families for over 30 years: encouragement, communication, and non-violent discipline. With this edition, we’ve added more content for today’s parents, including bullying, school success, and drug prevention; plus information for parents of special needs children.

Teach right out of the box!

The Leader’s Guide gives step-by-step instructions for a lively class filled with video, activities, and group discussion. The video is available on DVDs or embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.

The revised better parenting program includes the essential Active Parenting model that has benefited millions of parents, plus:

  • How brain development affects children’s behavior and decision-making
  • Improved discipline and communication
  • How to prevent future use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
  • Parenting a special-needs child
  • 7 Smart Things you can do immediately for school success

As with all the Active Parenting programs, you will have evidence-based tools you need to offer parenting classes in which parents are able to learn and laugh in a supportive environment.

More Information

Implement your parenting classes in 1, 3, 4, or 6 sessions. With so many different kinds of parents, why should there be only one kind of class? The Active Parenting 4th Edition program is designed to make it easy for you to offer:

1. comprehensive, 6-session parenting class offering an in-depth exploration of the concepts and additional topics
(Sessions I-VI, see below)

2. 3- to 4-session class for core Active Parenting skills
(Sessions I-III or sessions I-IV, see below)

3. 1-session unit on parent engagement skills to build school success
(Session VI only, below)

SESSION I – The Active Parent

Styles of parenting
Brain development in children
The method of choice

SESSION II – Cooperation & Communication

Who owns the problem?
Active communication
Feelings, empathy & problem-solving

SESSION III – Responsibility & Discipline

Effective, non-violent discipline
“I” messages
Logical consequences

SESSION IV – Building Courage & Self-Esteem

The Think-Feel-Do Cycle
The power of encouragement

SESSION V – Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior

Why children misbehave
Eliminating power struggles
Handling anger
Problem-solving with FLAC

SESSION VI – Active Parenting for School Success

7 Smart Things for School Success
Structuring homework time
Tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
Family talks


Active Parenting 4 Jump Start Package

Jump-start Package includes:

  • 1 Standard Program Kit with PP
  • 15 Parent Guide
  • 15 Parent Workbook
  • 15 AP4 Key Point Magnet
  • 1 Parent Certificate (download)

SKU: APC1961

Active Parenting 4 Standard Program Kit (PPT)

Standard Program Kit includes:

  • 63 minutes of video on 1 PowerPoint with embedded video
  • 1 Leader’s Guide
  • 1 Sample Parent’s Guide
  • 1 sample Parent Certificate
  • 2 Course Announcement Posters
  • 1 Reproducible Flyer
  • 1 Key Points Magnet

SKU: APC1970

Active Parenting 4 Video Library (set of 6)

Videos in the series:

  • The Active Parent (35 min.)
  • Cooperation & Communication (26 min.)
  • Responsibility & Discipline (29 min.)
  • Building Courage & Self-Esteem (29 min.)
  • Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior (29 min.)
  • Active Parenting for School Success (25 min.)

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Active Parenting 4 Leader Guide
The Active Parenting 4th Edition Leader’s Guide will take you step by step through the program and makes it easy to lead a parenting class.
SKU: APC1962


Active Parenting 4 Parent Guide
Covers ways to discipline without violence; skills to build open communication; how to prevent risky behavior; and more.
SKU: APC1963


Active Parenting 4 Parent Workbook
The workbooks provide another way for parents to absorb the information you are sharing in your Active Parenting 4th Ed. class.
SKU: APC1964


Active Parenting 4 Parent’s Guide/Workbook Combo
This book/workbook combo provides vital information for parents of children ages 5 to 12. Quantity discounts available
SKU: APC1965


Active Parenting 4 Completion Certificate
Help parents show off their achievement with a certificate of completion at the end of the class. Printed packs are no longer available. This certi


Active Parenting 4 Key Points Magnet (Set of 5)
Key concepts from the Active Parenting 4th Edition program serve as a reminder of what they learned long after the class is over.
SKU: APC7148