Active Parenting of Teens: Preteens and Teens

For parents of preteens and teens, this video and discussion program provides parents with the skills needed to use effective discipline, teach responsibility, and communicate with their children. Each session shows parents how to handle sensitive issues such as drugs, sexuality, and violence. DVD video is closed-captioned.

What’s so great about Active Parenting of Teens?

  • Built-in flexibility: your parenting classes can be 2, 3, 4, or 6 sessions
  • Easy to lead thanks to step-by-step instructions in the Leader’s Guide
  • Filled with warm, relatable video scenes to help explain key points
  • Video is available on DVDs or in a handy PowerPoint
  • Closed-captioning of videos (DVD only)
  • Available as a teach-out-of-the-box program kit, a video series, a lunch & learn course, and online

The Active Parenting of Teens program includes the essential Active Parenting model that has benefited millions of parents, plus:

  • Teens & technology (the Internet, social networking sites, etc.)
  • The latest in teen drug use prevention (including prescription drugs)
  • Teen bullying: how to spot it, how to handle it
  • Special stepfamily considerations
  • How brain development affects teen behavior and decision- making
  • Improved discipline and communication
  • Updated teen sexuality issues

With Active Parenting of Teens, you will be able to offer parenting classes in which parents are able to learn and laugh in a supportive environment.

More Information

Here’s what you’ll be teaching

With so many different kinds of parents, why should there be only one kind of class? The Active Parenting of Teens program is designed to make it easy for you to offer:

SESSION I – The Active Parent

Teens today
Styles of parenting
Control vs. influence
Mutual respect
The method of choice

SESSION II – Winning Cooperation

Who owns the problem?
Active communication with teens
The key of encouragement

SESSION III – Responsibility & Discipline

Logical consequences and more
Problem-solving with FLAC

SESSION IV – Building Courage, Redirecting Misbehavior

The Think-Feel-Do Cycle
Courage and self-esteem
Five goals of teen behavior
Eliminating power struggles

SESSION V – Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence

Reducing the risks
Overview of the issues
Prevention strategies 1-4 (focus on sexuality)

SESSION VI – Drugs, Sexuality, and Violence (continued)

Prevention strategies 5-10 (focus on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs)


Active Parenting of Teens Standard Program Kit (PPV)

Standard Program Kit includes:

  • 150 minutes of video on 1 PowerPoint with embedded video
  • 1 Leader’s Guide
  • 1 Parent’s Guide
  • 1 sample Parent Certificate
  • 2 Course Announcement Posters


Active Parenting of Teens Jump Start Package (PPV)

Jump-start Package includes:

  • 1 Standard Program Kit
  • 15 Parent Guide
  • 1 Parent Certificate (download)


Active Parenting of Teens Video Library (Set of 6)

by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.

Winner of a Gold EMPixx Award

This set of 6 stand-alone videos provides parents with the skills they need to meet the challenges of parenting in today’s turbulent society, including tools for communicating with teens and risk prevention. It is designed for parents of ‘tweens and teens.

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Active Parenting of Teens Leader Guide
The Active Parenting of Teens Leader’s Guide will take you step by step through the program and makes it easy to lead a co-parenting class.
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Active Parenting of Teens Parent Guide
This book covers ways to discipline your adolescent without violence; skills to build open communication; how to prevent risky behavior; and more.
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Active Parenting of Teens Parent Completion Certificate
Help parents show off their achievement with a certificate of completion at the end of the class. Printed packs are no longer available. This certi


Responsibility Coin
The Responsibility Coin is a little reminder to teens (or anyone!) that freedom comes with responsibility.
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