Fathering, What it Means to be a Dad

Fathering, What it Means to be a Dad

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Being a father is a lifetime commitment that requires a lot of love, time, and energy. An interview with fathering expert Steve Onell is paired with interviews of young fathers to explain the impact and importance of a father in a child’s life. Divided into four chapters, Fathering: What It Means To Be a Dad offers sound advice to new dads.

Dads Matter…explains the importance of fathers in children’s lives and introduces three areas of research and expert advice, discussed in the proceeding chapters.

Be There: Show Up and Be Involved tells fathers to stay involved in all ages and stages of a child’s life.

Be Consistent: Provide Structure and Discipline explains why fathers are needed to be a part of a child’s routine as a way to teach and guide.

Be A Role Model: Demonstrate Healthy Behavior discusses how a father acts influences the personality of the child.

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