First Five Years Jump Start (DVD)

First Five Years Jump Start (DVD)

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Jump-start Package includes: **

  • 1 Standard Program Kit with PP
  • 15 Parent Guide
  • 15 Key Point Magnet
  • 1 Parent Certificate (download)

**available by special order – email apcanada(at)

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by Michael H. Popkin, PhD. Contributing authors: Amanda Sheffield Morris, PhD, IMH-E®; Ruth Slocum, LCSW, IMH-E®; and Laura Hubbs-Tait, PhD.

It’s easy to run a short (40-50 minutes) parenting program with the Lunch & Learn program kit. Just show the video and then use the Leader’s Guide to facilitate discussion. Ideal for meetings, employee work/life programs, and staff development.

The Active Parenting: First Five Years Lunch & Learn program provides parents with the skills they need to make the most of that important time from birth to age 5.