This video-based program helps divorcing parents shield their children from parental conflict. Parents learn to guide their children through the process of recovery while establishing a positive, long-term relationship with the child’s other parent.

Ideal for court-ordered divorce seminars

  • Designed to be the “next step” in the continuum of services for counties that have divorce seminars.
  • Educates parents about the impact of their conflict on their child, as well as children’s issues in divorce.
  • Teaches parents the practical skills they need to manage anger, increase impulse control, resolve conflict and learn how to communicate effectively.

How the program works . . .

The program is part video and part group discussion. It is designed for 8 sessions lasting 2–2½ hours each and is recommended for groups of 10 to 16 parents. The easy-to-read Parent’s Guide gives real-life examples and worksheets so parents can practice their skills at home.

Make a positive impact on parents in eight sessions (16-20 hours)

Session I:

  • Child-Focused or Out of Focus: Making a Commitment to Care

Session II:

  • Plan for Peace or Tug of War: Allowing My Child to Love Both Parents

Session III:

  • Letting Go or Holding On: Changing My Long-Term Role

Session IV:

  • Make It Better or Keep it Bitter: Choosing My Personal Path

Session V:

  • Neither Fight Nor Flight: Managing My Anger

Session VI:

  • Defuse or Light the Fuse: Taking Control of Conflict

Session VII:

  • All A Winner or Winner Take All: Negotiating Agreements

Session VIII:

  • Cooperation or Conflict: Co-Parenting is Forever


For a shortened version that can be delivered in a 4-6 hour seminar

Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce