Parents want their children to succeed, but they aren’t sure how they can help. Use Parents on Board to show them what they can do on the home front.

Get parents involved in their children’s education!

The video-based Parents on Board program is designed for parents of children in grades K-7. The program uses entertaining video along with group discussion to give parents the tools to help their children get the best education possible.

It’s easy to lead a group using our video and group discussion format!

The Leader’s Guide, included in the program kit, gives you step-by-step instructions on when to show the video and how to lead the discussions. Parents follow along with the Parent’s Guide.
The program includes a special 30-minute promotional mini-seminar, an easy way to publicize the workshop to groups such as PAC meetings.

Increase parent involvement in your school in just three 90-minute sessions:

Session I: Preparing Your Child to Succeed

  • Children’s learning styles
  • Providing the right study environment
  • Building positive parent-teacher relationships

Session II: Encouraging Positive Behavior

  • Promoting cooperative behavior
  • Encouraging and motivating children
  • Supporting the school discipline plan

Session III: Reinforcing Your Child’s Academic Skills

  • How parents can help with homework – without doing the work themselves
  • Language and reading skills
  • Writing, spelling, math and science