Active Parenting Now Video Library (set of 6) discontinued

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by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.

This set of 6 stand-alone videos is for parents of children ages 5 to 12, teaching them the skills needed to develop courage, responsibility and character in their children. Also demonstrates effective communication and nonviolent discipline techniques.¬†Each DVD comes with discussion guidelines and a reproducible Parent’s Tips Sheet on CD.

Note: this product is for is the old (2002) edition of this program. It was revised and updated in 2014 under the new title Active Parenting 4th Edition. Materials for the old edition will only be available while supplies last.

Out of stock: "Active Parenting Now Video Library 3: Effective Discipline (discontinued)", "Active Parenting Now Video Library 4: Sidestepping the Power Struggle (discontinued)" doesn't have sufficient quantity in stock.

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Videos in the series:

  • Parenting in the 21st Century: What’s your style and how does it influence your child? (26 min.)
  • Active Communication: How to win cooperation with your child (26 min.)
  • Effective Discipline: How to raise a responsible child (25 min.)
  • Sidestepping the Power Struggle: Redirecting your child’s misbehavior (25 min.)
  • Building Character, Courage and Self-Esteem in Your Child (23 min.)
  • The Magic of Family Meetings: Teaching problem-solving and positive values (28 min.)