Age-Appropriate Play (set of 3)


 The First Four Years (set of 3)

from InJoy
As an educator, you have the crucial role of helping parents and caregivers build healthy families. Age-Appropriate Play: The First Four Years is the perfect tool! This comprehensive three-volume set brings examples of age-appropriate play to life. By teaching parents the importance of these positive interactions, you can help lay the foundation for lifelong learning.With Age-Appropriate Play: The First Four Years, parents will learn to:
  • Promote learning and other developmental skills through play
  • Provide safe, interesting and appropriate learning environments
  • Recognize developmental milestones

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Series is comprised of three DVDs:

Volume 1: The First 12 Months (24 min.)

  • Holding, gazing and talking for bonding and stimulation
  • Providing open and safe spaces for learning new gross motor skills
  • Assisting with the emergence of self-awareness using simple games
  • Playing with household objects to develop fine motor skills

Volume 2: 12 to 24 Months (17 min.)

  • Stimulating language skills through reading, singing and playing games
  • Encouraging beginning imitative and imaginative play
  • Offering intriguing outdoor environments for safe exploration
  • Inspiring motor skills with balls, water, sand and other everyday objects

Volume 3: 2- and 3-Year-Olds (15 min.)

  • Developing fine motor skills using art and other tactile play
  • Promoting positive social behaviors at home and preschool
  • Improving language skills with music, stories, books and more
  • Supporting increasingly complex imaginative and cooperative play

Each volume of Age-Appropriate Play includes a Facilitator’s Guide with reproducible parent handouts. There are even specific activity recommendations for caregivers, so the teaching is easier, and so is the learning. Closed-captioned. (56 min. total)



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