Angry? Ten Ways to Cool Off


from Sunburst Visual Media

Anger is a natural emotion, but one that generates intense feelings in young children, making them quick to “explode,” “burn,” or “boil over.” Helping students see how “hot” words like these describe the physical and emotional changes anger can cause, hands-on workshop demonstrates ten effective strategies to use to “cool off”—handle angry feelings without breaking things or hurting other people or themselves.


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Scenarios illustrate ten ways kids can cool off whenever an angry situation leaves them ready to explode, boil over, or burn up. In “Stop So You Can Think,” they learn they can 1) freeze, 2) count to ten, or 3) walk away. In “Use Your Words,” they can 4) ask a question, 5) state how they feel, 6) write down how they feel, or 7) talk silently to themselves. In “Get Busy,” the many suggestions include 8) jump rope, 9) draw a picture, or 10) stand on your head.

Pauses at key points allow students to use the accompanying worksheets for skills practice. Workshop comes complete with master copies of the worksheets, discussion questions, suggestions for using the workshop, and an extensive bibliography. Comes with DVD + teacher’s guide with 16 student worksheets on CD ROM.

For grades K-2. (18 min.)


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