Bedtime – Toddler Tools Board Book


by Elizabeth Verdick; illustrated by Marieka Heinlen
Ease the transition time from evening activities to bedtime with this warm and cozy get-ready-for-bed book. Aided by Mom and Dad, a sister and brother enjoy a little snack, relaxing baths, time for brushing teeth, stories, lullabies, back rubs, and hugs. Cheerful, soft illustrations and reassuring text set a tone that helps toddlers feel good about the daily routine of settling down to sleep. (As the narrator explains, “I do my best growing when I’m sleeping.”) In the morning, the children will yawn, stretch, and be a little bit bigger, a little bit stronger, and a little bit smarter—all because of a good night’s sleep.


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An award-winning author/illustrator team offers a fresh look at a transition time all toddlers face daily, giving young children the tools and social skills to handle bedtime with confidence and cooperation.

Part of the Toddler Tools series, Bedtime can be shared before (or during) the desired “time,” or whenever toddlers need encouragement with daily routines and transitions. (24 pp.)


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