Chiefs DVD


Winner: Best Documentary, 2002 Tribeca Film Festival
A 2004 Notable Children’s Video (American Library Assoc.)

by Daniel Junge, Donna Dewey and Henry Ansbacher
This new documentary video from Academy Award-winning producer Donna Dewey (Homeboys) is a powerful addition to any character education program. CHIEFS follows a team of Native American teens as they strive to recapture the state basketball championship while battling against poverty, alcoholism, drugs and racism. After graduation, the young men’s next challenge is to convert the pride and success they experience on the basketball court into success in their adult lives—including higher education and employment.

CHIEFS portrays the very real consequences of choices made by each member of the team. Thanks to thrilling game footage and a sympathetic portrayal of the players’ lives, viewers will root for them all—and learn many valuable lessons along the way.

The video is split into 3 distinct sections for easy viewing and discussion. Discussion questions included. (89 min.)

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