The Dad Difference: Raising Children Birth to 5


Raising Children Birth to Five
from Injoy

Motivate dads to be an integral part of their children’s lives from pregnancy on! Made specifically for fathers, this new¬†research-based series will give dads the confidence and skills to parent in their own unique “dad” way, benefiting the child’s healthy development as well as the parents’ relationship. Featuring real dads, candid comments and practical tips, The Dad Difference will inspire all fathers to become more connected with their children.

  • Provides a comprehensive parenting program designed just for fathers
  • Emphasizes father-related challenges and solutions
  • Covers the first 5 years of a child’s development
  • Offers clear, concise segments that can be viewed separately or together
  • Features families from a variety of racial, social and economic backgrounds
  • Includes a father host who provides common sense advice for real-life problems
  • Presents the latest fatherhood research in easy-to-understand language

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Two-volume set comes with Facilitator’s Guide and handouts. Closed-captioned. 2-volume set on DVD, 72 min. total

Volume 1: Baby Basics (38 min.)
Follow a diverse group of expectant and new dads as they play a vital role in pregnancy, labor, and the birth of their children. Divided into five easy-to-view sections:
1. Dads are unique – why are dads essential?
2. The Pregnant Father – going to prenatal exams, healthy habits, finances, and taking time off
3. Labor and Birth – being there, attending to mom’s needs, asking questions, being with baby
4. Emotions – postpartum blues for mom and dad, intimacy
5. Baby care – benefits of breastfeeding, bonding, signs of illness, SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, coping with frustration, playing with baby

Volume 2: Involved from the Start (34 min.)
Inspire young dads to nurture their child’s development as they deal with the life-changing realities of being a father. Divided into six easy-to-view sections:
1. Connect – child development, health and safety
2.Positive Discipline – setting limits and coping with frustration
3. Take Care of Yourself – having personal goals, dealing with your own father
4. Relating – resolving relationship conflict, “I” messages
5. Work and Family – flexible hours, sharing work with your child, finding work
6. Single Fatherhood – shared parenting, fathering from a distance and more


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