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This is your opportunity to receive training to facilitate 3 different Active Parenting programs. The 2 day training includes Active Parenting program’s format and facilitator skills for these programs:  First Five YearsActive Parenting 4th Edition (ages 5 – 12) & Active Parenting of Teens. You will receive PowerPoint presentation for each program, a $94 value per program. You will also receive 10% off your next purchase from Active Parenting Canada. When a participant has taken the training and facilitated their first workshop they are eligible to apply for full certification.

Contact apcanada@fsca.ca or 800-668-5131 for your application today or go to the training page and click the application button where a pdf will load. When your application has been accepted for a planned training in your area you can pay for that training here, just choose the province the training is taking place.

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Active Parenting is an evidence-based, family-friendly parenting program. It works with Ages & Stages and parenting styles. It has content that encourages communication and non-violent discipline. AP’s 4th edition has added programming for today’s parents including bullying, school success, and drug prevention. There is new content for parents of special needs children. Active Parenting programs are very specific to the challenges of different age groups, have very practical implementations and are flexible in their delivery. New facilitators have said that it is simple and easy to use. Triple P, broad and clinical in contrast, has been great for changing the way we think about parenting now take it to the next step and get the how-to. Be sure to enter coupon “no shipping” before you process the payment.


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