Families Talk About…Fathers matter


series created by James Sayre, M.D.; produced by Rose Films, Inc.
Urban dads—married, single, and divorced—reflect on what it means to be a father, their influence on the next generation, and new roles, challenges, and opportunities for fathers in a changing society.

Meet fathers such as:
Alton, a divorced African American father of two, who shares his insights on putting the children first, making tough choices and sacrifices, and hanging in there when the going gets tough.

Todd, a divorced white father of two boys, who speaks about the multifaceted role of being a father.

Simon, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who is the married father of two boys. He comments on how he tries to do better than his own father and what to pass on to his sons.

Don, a married African American father of five, emphasizes the importance of paying attention to his children’s school work and their social development.

Felder, a single African American father of one son, who talks about how he overcame his addictions, attended father support groups, and gained custody of his son.

Comes with discussion guidelines. (19 min.)

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