Families Talk About… (set of 9 DVDs)


series created by James Sayre, M.D.; produced by Rose Films, Inc.
This set of 9 videos shows inner-city families describing how they relate to their children in ways that reflect kindness, love, and consideration even when living in the harshest of poverty-stricken, urban environments. A discussion guide is included with each.

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Available in Spanish by Special Order. Call 800-668-5131

Videos in the series:

  • Bonding with Your Baby (16 min.)
  • Education Starts at Home (24 min.)
  • Wise Words on Discipline (18 min.)
  • Fathers Matter (19 min.)
  • Encouraging Positive Activities (18 min.)
  • Single Parenting (23 min.)
  • Marriage (18 min.)
  • Foster Parenting (24 min.)
  • Grandparents as Parents (28 min.)

Four of these videos are available in English with open captions by special order:

  • Wise Words on Discipline
  • Fathers Matter
  • Education Starts at Home
  • Bonding with Your Baby


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