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Free the Horses: A Character Education Adventure program  

by Rita Boyer, Ray B. Brugler, Kenneth N. White, and Sue M. ZoogWhen a group of Christian educators viewed Free the Horses, they were immediately impressed with the values expressed in the program. Belonging, learning, contributing, courage, responsibility and cooperation—the building blocks of character—are ideas compatible with Christian teaching. The educators sought way to reinforce those concepts with Biblical references in order to build a theological base for a “character education adventure” to be used in church-oriented study.

A writing team consisting of two professional church educators and two ordained ministers set to work creating supplements for the 20 lesson plans in the Free the Horses Teacher’s Guide. The result of their efforts is this guide, which suggests biblical and theological insights for each session, adapts some activities, substitutes others and adds questions suitable for the church environment. The guide is an excellent supplement to the Teacher’s Guide and contains suggestions on how to adapt the course for use in Sunday School, church retreats, midweek programs, and vacation programs. (88 pp.)

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