Good-Bye Bully Machine


by Debbie Fox and Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.
Kids learn what bullying is, why it hurts, and what they can do to end it with this fresh, compelling book. With its contemporary collage art, lively layout, and straightforward text, Good-Bye Bully Machine engages kids and keeps them turning pages. The unique format of Good-Bye Bully Machine helps kids understand the definition and impact of bullying by comparing it to a mean machine—the Bully Machine. Kids can see how bullying makes the machine grow more imposing, while kind behaviors dismantle it.

Through the machine, kids gain awareness of their role in bullying, whether they are targets, bullies, bystanders#151;or all three. The role of the bystander is especially important. Good-Bye Bully Machine helps kids see the power of the bystander to become an ally, which means learning to show empathy, engage in kind acts, and take a stand against bullying. It’s a perfect way to engage reluctant readers and hard-to-reach kids.


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Good-Bye Bully Machine features:

  • Rich, full-color collage art
  • Engaging, straightforward text
  • Fun, easy-to-manage activities
  • Compelling content for kids ages 8 and up
  • A note to grown-ups about bullying and bully prevention

Bully-busting activities at the back of the book show ways for victims, witnesses, and kids who’ve bullied others to become Bully Free—including suggestions for building a school-wide campaign against bullying. Hardcover.  For ages 8+  (48 pp.)

Also available: the Good-Bye Bully card game.


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