Good-Bye Bully Machine Card Game


by Debbie Fox and Allan L. Beane, Ph.D.
Help stop bullying and reinforce positive behaviors with this card game that encourages young people to think and talk about bullying, its implications, and ways to stop it.

Based on the lively book Good-Bye Bully Machine, this anti-bullying game allows players to take turns breaking down the Bully Machine, piece by piece. As players draw cards, they discuss what they’d do in bullying situations, are asked to talk about conflict resolution skills, compliment other players, and practice empathy. Each time a player gives a response, he or she gets to take away one piece of the Bully Machine from the game board. Watch out, though: someone might draw a Mean Moment card, which will suggest that a player has done something mean to help build up the Bully Machine. Then the player has to replace one Machine Card. When the machine is totally dismantled, everyone wins.

A fold-out insert includes game directions, information about bullying, and guidelines to stop bullying.


  • Great for working one-on-one with students or in groups
  • Students can also play the game independently
  • Appropriate for both kids and teens
  • Bonus anti-bullying information for adults and young people
  • A fun, easy tool to engage young people in bullying discussions



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The game includes 12 Machine Cards, 38 Ally Cards, and 10 Mean Moment Cards. For 2-5 players, ages 8+.


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