Lion Literacy Set


Perfect for home or on the go, alone or with a family member or friend, the Between the Lions games are sure to keep kids busy learning and having fun!

Lion Letters Alphabet Game: 26 matching pairs that teach letter and word recognition and phonemic awareness while improving children’s vocabulary.

Lion Letters Rhyming Game: 52 cards teaching children the importance of word families and rhyming—while having fun! With directions for playing games like Concentration and Go Fish.

What Does a Lion Say? and Other Playful Language Games: With on-the-go activities that are perfect for busy lifestyles, this book is filled with fun and easy literacy games for you to play with your children any time, anywhere. These games introduce the world of letters and reading, while building skills all children need for a lifetime of learning. (128 pp.)

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These simple and fun games make it easy to build reading skills in children ages 3-5.  Games are available as a set or sold separately.


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