Mommy Rescue Guide Baby’s First Year

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Lifesaving Techniques and Advice to Enjoy the First 12 Months

by Tekla S Nee (Author)

After nine months of constant attention from doctors, family, and friends, mommies often feel suddenly abandoned, alone, and in need of answers when baby finally comes. Answering common questions like ?Is this normal?? and ?What do I do now??, this book includes essentials about the first year, including the following sections: breast feeding versus bottle feeding; remedies for teething, diaper rash, and other common problems; safe baby toys and games to play with a newborn; basic food preparation; food allergies; and travel with babies. Freeing mommies from the stress of wondering about every little hiccup, whine, and sigh, this book provides practical and prescriptive advice on baby?s physical, emotional, and social development.

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