When Parents Ask for Help Book


Everyday Issues through an Asset-Building Lens
Reproducible Handouts for People Raising Adolescents

by Renie Howard, Search Institute

Reproducible Handouts for School Staff and Administrators

Curfews, homework, chores, dating, grades, body image, conflicts, risky activities, siblings, fights, jobs, depression—we tackle these everyday issues and much more in this upbeat and positive resource. You can give parents and caregivers of adolescents a fresh new look at their most frequently asked questions with this resource of reproducible handouts! It’s packed with topic handouts that speak directly to parents and caregivers about the real dilemmas they face.


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Each reproducible handout reframes an issue from an asset-based point of view to give parents plenty of encouragement, hope, and practical ideas. Use this resource to help parents build assets, not just solve problems! The book offers:

  • Asset-based action tips for handling real-life situations with creativity, humor, compassion, and appreciation for each child’s unique strengths.
  • Opportunities for parents to evaluate their own beliefs and attitudes so they can more effectively help their children explore and learn.
  • Practical ways to get parents involved in asset building.
  • A reference list of suggested resources for parents and their adolescents who wish to do further reading.

Best use: By professionals working with parents or caregivers of middle or high school youth.

(144 pp.)


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