A Parent’s Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teens

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Giving Your Child Roots and Wings

by Kenneth R. Ginsburg MD MS Ed FAAP (Author), Martha M. Jablow (Author)

Today’s children face a great deal of stress — academic performance, heavy scheduling, high achievement standards, media messages, peer pressures, family tension. Without healthier solutions, they often cope by talking back, giving up, or indulging in unhealthy behaviors. Show your child how to bounce back — and THRIVE — with coping strategies from one of the nation’s foremost experts in adolescent medicine.

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This 7-C plan for resilience that helps kids of all ages learn competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control to help them bounce back from challenges. You’ll find effective strategies to help your children and teens:
•  Make wise decisions
•  Recognize and build on their natural strengths
•  Deal effectively with stress
•  Foster hope and optimism
•  Develop skills to navigate a complex world
•  Avoid risky behaviors
•  Take care of their emotions and their bodies
Plus, two Personalized Stress Management Plans help your child create a customized strategy. It’s everything your child needs to face life’s challenges and bounce back with confidence!