The Realities of Sexting (DVD)


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from Learning Seed
This DVD contains two videos in one: A classroom program for students, and a professional development program for educators. Also contains a reproducible informational handout for parents.

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Student Program
Is it ever safe to send an intimate photo or explicit message on your cell phone? What are the consequences? Teach students what actions are defined as “sexting” and how the repercussions extend well beyond embarrassment. Students learn the motivations for sending sext messages and practical alternatives for communicating with people they are interested in. Also describes what to do if a student has already sent or received a sext. Comes with downloadable 30-page resource guide and lesson plan. Closed-captioned. (24 min. )

Educator Program
This video looks at sexting from an educator’s point of view. Sexting incidents disrupt and damage the lives and livelihoods of many school professionals as well as their students. It’s important for educators and administrators to understand sexting and have a plan for responding to allegations. How do you deal with students who are sexting? Do you know what to do if a student shows you a sext they received? What policy and legal issues must you know and address? Closed-captioned. (15 min.)



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