Soft-Spoken Parenting


50 Ways to Not Lose Your Temper With Your Kids
by H. Wallace Goddard, Ph.D.

Short tempers and lapses of patience are a common challenge for parents. These parenting struggles are real, but they are also conquerable. Extension Family Life Specialist H. Wallace Goddard has spent years studying effective parenting and has some practical strategies to become kinder, more patient, and more loving to your children amidst all the turmoil.


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Each of 50 chapters contains a concept, including:

  • choosing laughter over accusation
  • putting off until tomorrow what shouldn’t be said today
  • making sure actions match words
  • choosing to see the good
  • making allowance for childishness

The challenge of being more patient with children becomes a little easier for parents with these simple and practical strategies.(201 pp.)

About the author
H. Wallace Goddard, PhD, is a professor of family life at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension where he develops programs on well-being, marriage, and parenting. He is the author of Family Life Education: Principles and Practices for Effective Outreach and The Frightful and Joyous Journey of Family Life. He lives in Arkansas.


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