Teen Stages Book


The Breakthrough Year-by-Year Approach to Understanding Your Ever-Changing Teen
by Elizabeth & Ken Mellor

Teen Stages is a breakthrough in understanding the teen years, and a must-have for parents looking to help their child make the best of their adolescence.

Any parent can tell you that a 13-year-old is as different from a 16-year-old as Jekyll is from Hyde. So why do we talk about “teens”—and give advice on raising them—as if they’re all the same? No wonder so many parents are frustrated…they don’t have the right techniques that speak to their teen at the right time. Teen Stages is the first guide to each year of a teen’s development, giving you tactics specific to the stage your child is experiencing.

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With easy-to-apply advice, plus helpful activities and checklists you can use right away, you will learn how your child’s moods and behavior change as they move through the six stages of adolescence:

  • The Baby (13)
  • The Dissenter (14)
  • The Fledgling (15)
  • The Sweet and Sour (16)
  • The Romantic (17)
  • The World Leader (18-21)

Once you understand the stage your teen is at, you’ll have the keys to understanding why they act the way they do, what they really need, and how to communicate with them.

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