APS Video Library (Set of 6)


The Active Parenting for Stepfamilies Library on DVD contains highlights from the Active Parenting Now and Active Parenting of Teens videos, plus all new scenes illustrating situations specific to stepfamilies. Each of the 6 videos in the series is 20-46 minutes long. DVDs come with discussion guidelines and a reproducible Parent’s Tips Sheet on CD.

Best Value – Save $20 by ordering all 6 of the series.



Set Contains:

  • Video #1 – Stepfamily Living: A Different Parenting Challenge
  • Video #2 – Finding Your Way: Stepfamily Communication & Problem-Solving
  • Video #3 – A Tale of Two Histories: Turning Differences into Opportunities
  • Video #4 – The Challenge of Discipline
  • Video #5 – From Anger & Power Struggles to Courage & Self-Esteem
  • Video #6 – Celebrating Stepfamily Successes



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