Words Are Not for Hurting – Best Behavior Book


by Elizabeth Verdick; illustrated by Marieka Heinlen
Some of your words are kind. But some of them are not. Words are not for hurting. What do hurtful words do? Children are known for speaking their minds. We can’t expect them to watch every word, but we can help them to understand that their words affect other people. We can gently guide them to choose words that are helpful instead of hurtful, and to say two very important words “I’m sorry” when hurtful words come out before they can stop them.


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This fun-to-read board book helps little ones learn big ideas: that they are responsible for what they do and say; that their actions and words affect others; and that they can make positive choices. Simple words and delightful full-color illustrations make it perfect for reading aloud one-on-one or in small groups. It also includes tips for parents and caregivers.

For ages baby-preschool. Hardcover (board book). (24 pp.)


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